chlapec neda pokoj a vyhraza sa s fbi!

Hello Are you mad, what do you mean, Are you new to online transaction,

I will report this transaction to paypal services right now so they can inform FBI POLICE on this transaction cause i see you want to scam me and i will not allow you to scam or cheat me because the money has been deducted from my paypal account and it way to your bank account if you refuse to complete the payment LEGAL ACTION will be taken on you , cause this method of payment cannot be reversed or cancel in PayPal services so i will like you to complete this transaction cause you are 100% safe and secure with paypal services and for the first time we did business together i won't allow LEGAL ACTION to be made against you, but failure to do this LEGAL ACTION will be made to you and FBI POLICE will alarm you as a scam in your country , And you will be wanted by the FBI POLICE, cause i will not allow you to thief my money.

Note: I am a business man, so don't think you can steal my money.


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